Learning Disabilities

Within ForthValley there are various services and charity organisations available to patients/carer’s and next of kin with learning disabilities. 

We hope this page will let you know a bit more about them and what we offer in the practice.

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The Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability is a charity that is made up of 12 Partner Organisations who have joined together with funding from the Scottish Government to help people make the changes set out in 'The same as you?'

SCLD their Mission and Values

‘Our mission is to work in partnership with people with learning disabilities of all ages and family carers to challenge discrimination and to develop and share good practice.’

‘Our goal is an inclusive Scotland where everyone is valued and respected for who they are and what they contribute as equal citizens.’

To learn more or to get in contact with SCLD log on to their website http://www.scld.org.uk/


In partnership with people with profound learning disabilities and their carers. This charity has a wealth of knowledge on their website from;

  • Health leaflets
  • Fund raising events
  • Newsletters

To learn more or to get in touch with PAMIS log on to their website http://www.pamis.org.uk/

Autism Alert Card

The card enables those who carry it to identify themselves as having an autism spectrum disorder.  The card has a named contact on the back who can offer their support to help public and emergency services professionals understand the individual’s autism needs.

Contact: alertcard@scottishautism.org/ 01259 72004.