Appointments System

In order to provide the best access we can we want people to see the right person at the right time.  Our receptionists are highly trained in signposting and will ask you for a few details about reasons for your visit to ensure you see the right person. We now offer both face to face and telephone appointments with GPs.

Appointments can be made online by registering for Patient Access.  This is the quickest and easiest way for you to make an appointment with us and can be arranged either online or at Reception.  You can also make appointments by telephone or in person.

The practice offers 10 minute appointment slots for routine matters. Each slot is for one person only and you are encouraged to see the same doctor for the same problem, if possible.

Routine surgeries generally run from 08:30 - 11:30 and from 14:00 - 16:30

Extended hours appointments are intended for people who find it difficult to attend during normal working hours.  These are usually held from 17:30-19:00pm on a Monday. Unfortunately extended hours are not currently running.

Our aim is to offer you an appointment with the doctor of your choice within 7 working days, except when that doctor is on annual leave.

Please tell reception staff if you need to be seen urgently as the practice operates a triage system which runs between 08:00 and 10:00. The on-call clinician will contact you and assess whether you need to be seen the same day.


Appointment Cancellations

As we move forward to offering pre-bookable face to face appointments again from the first week in June please can we kindly ask that should you find yourselves unable to attend, to either reply 'cancel' to your reminder text message or contact the emergency and cancellations number on 01324 722435 which is constantly manned between 8am and 6pm.
As you are aware we have continued to welcome patients into the practice throughout the pandemic; we just had to introduce an extra layer of protection for our most vulnerable patients via an initial telephone call.
Sadly we had 10 patients who did not attend their face to face appointments last week including some who had even requested an on the day emergency appointment. These could of course have been used for other patients finding themselves in need of a face to face with a Clinician.
Thanks so much in advance.

Calls within working hours

(Tel: 01324 715753)

A doctor is available at the Practice for advice on urgent issues between 08:00 and 18:00. It is always better to contact the surgery by telephone, if possible, before presenting at the surgery.

If possible try to call surgery between 08:00 and 10:00.

If you feel your problem is an emergency please call 999.

House Calls and Emergencies

(Tel: 01324 722435)

Home visits are reserved for those who are housebound or too ill to attend the surgery and will be made at the doctor’s discretion.

Patients are asked to make their request, where possible, before 10.00 am.

Facilities for examination and treatment are superior at the health centre and, as it is located centrally, you will generally be seen earlier if you can attend.

Not Registered for Online Services?

Cancellations & Reminders

Cancel an Appointment

01324 722435

It is important that you inform the reception staff if you are unable to attend your appointment, this will allow that appointment to be offered to another patient. If you fail to notify the Practice that you are unable to attend, you will be sent a letter informing you that you have defaulted from your appointment. Persistent defaulters may be removed from the list.

You can also text to cancel your appointment by replying cancel to your appointment text reminder.

Late For Your Appointment

Please attend your appointment on time. If you are late you will not be seen. 



If you require an interpreter to attend with you when you see your Doctor please notify the receptionist and she will arrange this for you.

Text Reminder Service

We have a texting service which allows you to receive confirmation and reminders about your appointments.

To have this service you will need to register by completing a consent form.

Please remember to update your contact details with us when you change address, telephone numbers and email address.